Meet Interior Designer, Melissa Marklevtiz


Experienced designer, hardworking mother, and overall person you’d want to be friends with, Melissa is a superwoman to us and the heart behind Abbreviated Design.

Where do you draw inspiration? Design blogs, retail vignettes and textile design.

What’s a design trick you swear by? Hang artwork 57” (give or take an inch) on center, I learned this while interning at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Also - add live plants!

What is you favorite color palette? I love warm earth tones - mustard yellow, camel, and a pop of unexpected color like cobalt or pink.

What is the drive behind your work? Setting an example for my kids.

What's your favorite emoji? I don’t know girl with hands in the air.

Who is someone you admire? Both my Mom and my mother-in-law. They are strong, independent, and capable women who I’ve learned so much from.

What’s on your desk? Photos of my family and my grandfather’s old scale ruler.

What’s always in your kitchen? Milk and cheerios (because kids), red wine, and dark roast coffee (because, kids).

What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day? Eat dinner with my family.

Instagram: @melissamarklevitz

Pinterest: Melissa Marklevitz


Melissa and her husband, Ryan, with their kids, Jude and Hannah.

Audrey Ferris