Meet Shop Specialist, Courtney Bishop


Expert online shopper, matcha tea lover and new mom, Courtney is the person you want in your corner. She pushes our team for perfection and can always make us laugh.

How did you get into the design industry? I’ve always had more of a business and analytic mind but loved working with creative people and enjoyed following design trends. Purchasing and buying seemed like a perfect fit since it encompassed having a mind for business while allowing me to be a fly on the wall and watch creative individuals turn blank canvases into beautiful spaces.

What product lines do you love? Four hands, Younger, Loloi.

What’s a design trick you swear by? If you love it, then leave it. Don’t get so caught up in replicating Pinterest boards that you lose your personality and the things that make you happy. Use Grandma’s old coffee table full of great memories. A home is about having things that make you happy and want to be in it.

What is you favorite color palette? I love pops of teal and orange.

What is the drive behind your work? Finding new products for people to fall in love with and create memories in their home.

What's your favorite emoji? Dancing girl.

What’s in your purse? Lipstick, a pacifier, and hand sanitizer.

What’s always in your kitchen? Fiestaware dishes (love a colorful kitchen), avocados, and a Boon drying rack that has taken over the counter.

Describe your perfect day. A morning hike and lunch in a scenic wooded area with my family. Then some live music and dinner with my husband.

Instagram: @courtneybish85

Pinterest: Courtney Gonyea

Courtney Family.jpg

Courtney with her husband Nate, and their little girl, Ruby.

Audrey Ferris